Monday, April 28, 2014

wow why are people still following this blog i remade like two years ago then deleted the new one by accident like two months ago and my new one is here:

unfollow this one at least there’s nothing here for you anymore

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 Tuesday, June 11, 2013

i think im almost ready to move to my new blog i’ve been preparing them all night yeah

i need to switch over urls soon and put a placeholder here

Monday, June 10, 2013

I’m going to be remaking my blog.

Not YET, mind you, but yeah. I feel like this blog is kind of cluttered and I want to be more organized so I think a clean slate is the best option. I thought about it while I was at work and I’ve already thought of how I’ll stay organized, with several sideblogs:

  • Music Blog
  • iM@S Screenshot blog (where I’ll start posting all my iM@S photos from then on so people can find them easily and can follow that if they want my iM@S photos without getting the whole package of unrelated stuff [which would happen if they followed my main])
  • Art Blog (will probably not be linked to for a while, won’t be put up till I actually have artwork to display)
  • "Humor" Blog (for silly posts and such that conflict with organization)
  • Fallout Screenshot Blog (self-explanatory, for whenever I decide to actually play Fallout again)

And then my main blog will be personal posts, my usual anime and video game blogging,etc. without the dumb clutter.

yeah. I’m not going to delete this blog or anything because I want it to serve as kind of an archive when I eventually remake. In fact, I’m planning to still use this url for the remade blog.

You’ll know it when I make the move, because I’ll post a link to the new blog. For now, I’m going to keep using this one, though.

I am just gonna finish my math homework after work I just can’t do that now and I’m leaving in like half an hour

there’s way too much i need to get caught up on gggh but i wanna get done with the stuff that’ll be extra credit points on a test first

i wanted to be able to do ALL the work myself instead of relying on internet websites so i can get things done but i need to at least get caught up why did i procrastinate

ah yes dont you love it when your sibling is incredibly rude and disrespectful to you just because they happen to be younger than you are

I just realized that the extra episode does the auto-save thing so when i can hang out w/ my bud again to take screenshots i can just use like three different memory devices to save right before where i want to get screencaps haha swaggie

when i was 13 i was in love with yuan i’m not even joking it was my first anime (kinda) crush